1 Miro

$7.2K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
3 3181m²S$32/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 1 Miro • S$7200 • 共管公寓 • 181m²

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简易装修 • 建成年 2012 • 房区 D11

Rare 3 bedroom + Utility for rent

Minutes drive to Orchard

Minutes walk to Newton and Novena MRT Station

Near to amenities and schools

High floor

Partially furnished

开发商Arts Associate Co Pte Ltd


Miro is a spacious and luxurious development that provides its residents with double volume loft accommodations. It is ideal for people who want lavish living quarters but still be close to all the amenities that the city has to offer. It is located at 1 Lincoln Road 308364 in District 11. Miro @ 11 gives its residents posh living conditions in a locality that offers a vast number of amenities.

Miro- Unique Selling Points.

The developers have ensured that the facilities provided ensure that the safety and convenience of the residents are well catered for. Security is prioritized so that residents can feel safe and secured in their homes. There is a twenty-four hours security provided to make sure that the safety of the residents is not compromised. Guarded personals do not allow any unauthorized intrusion and the strangers are thoroughly checked. The car parks are big enough to accommodate all the vehicles of the residents and are well covered to protect them from the natural elements. For the fitness conscious there is a gymnasium and fitness center within the building. They are well equipped and well maintained. The residents can access it at their convenience whether in the morning or the evening. There is a huge playground on the premises. It can not only be used by the kids but also to organize many sports events. The adults use it for jogging, walking or early morning yoga sessions and health club meetings. There is also a jogging track specially built for people who enjoy walks and runs every day. Many social functions are organized here on a regular basis. There is a spa pool to relax after a day's hectic schedule. The swimming pool and the two-lap pools can be used for many recreational activities. There is a BBQ pit where inhabitants can have a casual get together for delicious outdoor meals. For nature lovers who enjoy taking strolls in open spaces, there is a multi-purpose lawn and landscaped gardens. For having a truly pampering session after a tiresome day, there is a hydrotherapy sanctuary spa and steam rooms. There are sky terraces that have several exotic plants and flowers.

Miro- Accessibility.

Miro is accessible to all the commercial and entertainment center of the city due to the readily available public transportation. There are taxi and bus services available nearby the development. The nearest business hub is accessible by the Victoria Street within minutes. While the shopping district at the Orchard Road is accessible by Scott's road by just a five minutes drive. For regular commuters, there are several stations at a walking distance from the building like-
  • NS21 Newton MRT station
  • NS20 Novena MRT station
  • NE7 Little India MRT station.

Miro- Amenities and Attractions.

As the property is located near Novena, there are several shopping centers, supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, banks and other shops available at just a few minutes’ drive away. For recreational activities and communal meetings, people can visit-
  • Premiere Club
  • Tanglin Club
  • The American Club
  • Cairnhill Community Club
  • Cairnhill Art Center.

For medical emergencies, there are several good hospitals present just in the neighborhood like-
  • Novena Medical Center
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

There are several schools and reputed educational institutions at just a walking distance, so parents need to worry about sending their kids to distance places for their education like-
  • Joseph Institutional International
  • San Yu Adventist School
  • Chatsworth International School
  • Anglo- Chinese School
  • Farrer Primary School

Many parents need a trustworthy and reliable childcare center as they have to leave their small kids to go to work for hours. For them, there are several childcare centers nearby like-
  • Halifax Montessori Childcare Singapore
  • The Learning line childcare Pte Ltd.

There are several supermarkets and shopping malls just a few minutes’ drive away from the development like-.
  • United Square
  • Velocity @ Novena Square
  • Square 2.

Miro- Project Information.

The property was ready for use in the year 2012 and was developed by the Arts Associate Co. Pte. Ltd. It has a freehold tenure. There are a total of thirty-one floors and eighty-five units in the building. The selling price starts at S$1443. The units are well furnished, and the layout is spacious and has an opulent feel to it. The units give a scenic and tranquil view of the beautiful lush landscape and some even give the panoramic view of the city.

  • Property Name: Miro
  • District: 11
  • Configuration: 85
Unit Types:
  • One Bedroom (990 sqft).
  • Two bedrooms (1302 sqft).
  • Two bedrooms and a study (1173 sqft).
  • Three bedrooms (1614- 1872 sqft).
  • Four bedrooms (2852 sqft).

Miro- Nearby Projects.

Other similar nearby properties are-
  • 134 Watten State
  • 15 Newton
  • 18 Shelford
  • 28 Gilstead Road
  • 368 Thomson
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 51 The Peak @ Cairnhill I • S$3000 • 共管公寓 • 54m²
51 The Peak @ Cairnhill I
$3K纽顿整套出租 07月13
1 154m²S$53/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 275 Novena Regency • S$3000 • 共管公寓 • 60m²
275 Novena Regency
$3K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
2 160m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 3 Orchard Scotts • S$11200 • 共管公寓 • 233m²
3 Orchard Scotts
$11.2K纽顿整套出租 07月13
4 3233m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 50H Gilstead Court • S$2850 • 共管公寓 • 111m²
50H Gilstead Court
$2.85K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
3 2111m²S$21/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 3 Orchard Scotts • S$3600 • 共管公寓 • 70m²
3 Orchard Scotts
$3.6K纽顿整套出租 07月13
0 170m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 38 The Scotts Tower • S$6800 • 共管公寓 • 74m²
38 The Scotts Tower
$6.8K纽顿整套出租 07月13
2 074m²S$86/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 43 Scotts Highpark • S$7500 • 共管公寓 • 164m²
43 Scotts Highpark
$7.5K纽顿整套出租 07月13
2 2164m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 6 Park Infinia At Wee Nam • S$9000 • 共管公寓 • 185m²
6 Park Infinia At Wee Nam
$9K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
4 4185m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 6 Soleil @ Sinaran • S$5000 • 共管公寓 • 89m²
6 Soleil @ Sinaran
$5K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
2 289m²S$53/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 63 The Promont • S$7600 • 共管公寓 • 187m²
63 The Promont
$7.6K纽顿整套出租 07月13
3 0187m²S$32/m²
Kor Kor 91789678
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 3 Lincoln Suites • S$3400 • 共管公寓 • 49m²
3 Lincoln Suites
$3.4K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
1 149m²S$64/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 6A Park Infinia At Wee Nam • S$6900 • 共管公寓 • 124m²
6A Park Infinia At Wee Nam
$6.9K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
3 2124m²S$53/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 26 Newton View • S$2800 • 共管公寓 • 44m²
26 Newton View
$2.8K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
1 144m²S$53/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 6A Park Infinia At Wee Nam • S$6900 • 共管公寓 • 124m²
6A Park Infinia At Wee Nam
$6.9K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
3 2124m²S$53/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 2A Park Infinia At Wee Nam • S$4800 • 共管公寓 • 91m²
2A Park Infinia At Wee Nam
$4.8K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
2 291m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 5 Vida • S$5600 • 共管公寓 • 113m²
5 Vida
$5.6K纽顿整套出租 07月13
2 2113m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 6A Park Infinia At Wee Nam • S$4800 • 共管公寓 • 90m²
6A Park Infinia At Wee Nam
$4.8K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
2 290m²S$43/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 38 The Scotts Tower • S$4600 • 共管公寓 • 60m²
38 The Scotts Tower
$4.6K纽顿整套出租 07月13
1 060m²S$75/m²
整套出租 • 纽顿 • 38 The Scotts Tower • S$6800 • 共管公寓 • 78m²
38 The Scotts Tower
$6.8K纽顿整套出租 07月13
2 278m²S$86/m²
整套出租 • 诺维娜 • 9 Trilight • S$8000 • 共管公寓 • 195m²
9 Trilight
$8K诺维娜整套出租 07月13
3 4195m²S$32/m²